Welcome to 4IR Consult (previously named Institute of Service and Operational Excellence – iSOX).  We are leaders in operational, service and quality excellence in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What does this mean in practice?  Simply put, we assist organisations (large and small) achieve substantial operational performance improvements by applying our array of 4th Industrial Revolution tools, techniques and methodologies.


Process Improvement Consulting

Many organisation have processes that are running at sub-optimal levels, resulting in dissatisfied customers, frustrated staff, high wastage, defects and returns, and lost opportunities.

As experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners, we are able to quickly analyse your business processes and identify significant improvements opportunities. Our Lean Workout and Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodologies allow us to apply the appropriate tools to tackle our process problems.

We have improved both core and supporting processes across many different services industries.  This includes financial services, marketing, HR, IT, legal recoveries, recruitment, NGOs, etc.

We also have experiencing in designing and implementing work management systems such as JIRA.

Operational Excellence Consulting

While most processes certainly need some improvement, more-often-then-not the biggest problem lies with how the processes are being managed on a day-to-day basis.

A common problem is that staff members get promoted into line management / team leader roles without going through the appropriate training to properly manage their operational environments.

Through our collection of Operational Excellence diagnostic tools, and training courses, we are able to radically transform an operational environment by instilling the skills and cultures of Operational Excellence.


Organisational Performance Gamification

Gamification is an emerging discipline that uses game-like mechanisms to record, visualise and manage organisational performance.  While it might sound like gamification is something for the millennials only, our experience has demonstrated that employees of all ages find gamification a rewarding way to engage with their organisational performance.

As a leader in Organisational Performance Gamification, we can assist your company create a gamification strategy, identify the key metrics that best represent your employee’s performance, as well as design, implement and run games.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is synonymous with the 4th Industrial Revolution.  While automation has been around for many years in manufacturing, the service industry has lagged in this regard.

Just as manufacturing has benefitted from the increases in productivity and quality that automation provides, so too will services industry processes benefit from RPA.  In short, RPA removes the robot from the human, allowing your employees to focus on more fulfilling work.

We are in the process of up-skilling on RPA and will be adding this service to our boutique shortly.


We have extensive experience working with organisations to improve their operational, service and quality excellence.  In all cases, this improvement has required us to train operational staff and leaders on the concepts of Operational Excellence.  We have built up a rich selection of Operational Excellence courses that can be offered in isolation, or as part of a consulting engagement.

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OE Classroom Courses 60 percent

OE Executive Overview

The OE Executive Overview course is aimed at an organisation’s executive and senior leadership team. It provides the audience with a good understanding of the need for Operational Excellence and a typical OE journey. It provides insight into the principles of servant leadership, empowerment and the learning organisation. It then covers creating a sense of purpose for staff members and building a service culture.

The OE Executive Overview course is an important element in gaining executive buy-in and commitment to a journey to Operational Excellence.

OE Foundation Course

The OE Foundation course lays the foundational thinking that the rest of the OE courses build upon.  It introduces the learners to the need for Operational Excellence in an organisation as well as the workings of an OE Programme.  It then goes on to challenge their thinking about who they are as servant leaders and their role in managing processes and process resources.  Furthermore, it introduces critical thinking around building a learning organisation; systems thinking; client centricity; the relationship between process execution, client experience and brand integrity; instilling a clear sense of purpose in their teams; listening with intent to the client; and creating a strong internal service culture that supports an excellent external service culture.

Management by Metrics Course

The Management by Metrics course establishes a good understanding of the basic data principles required to effectively manage an operational environment.  It introduces important principles such as the normal distribution, central tendencies, variation, standard deviation and the different distribution types found in operations.  It then goes on to teach the learner how to interpret different graph types as well as how to build a management by metrics framework for their operational area.  Finally, it provides the learner with an understanding of the most commonly used operational metrics.

Quality Management Course

The Quality Management course introduces the learner to the importance of quality in providing an excellent service and reducing operational costs.  It also teaches the learner about measuring quality, calibrating measurement systems, determining optimal sampling sizes and executing quality management in an organisation.

Problem Solving Course

The Problem Solving course introduces the learner to the importance of building a Continuous Improvement culture in an organisation.  It then takes the learner through the popular A3 problem-solving methodology which provides a structured manner to solve problems.

Process Understanding & Management Course

The Process Understanding & Management course provides the learner with a good understanding of how processes work, how to determine the critical process inputs, how to identify and manage process risks, how to govern process changes and how to manage process performance on a day to day basis.

Process Optimisation Course

The Process Optimisation course teaches the learner how to use Lean thinking to optimise process performance by organising their workplace, identifying and eliminating waste and optimising how work flows through the process to improve customer lead time.


Since 2017, we have provided management consulting and Operational Excellence training services to the following organisations.  The services were provided under our old Institute of Service and Operational Excellence (iSOX) brand.



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