Frequently Asked Questions


How long must I sign a contract for with Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services?

In line with the new Consumer Protection Act, Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services does not try and tie customers into unreasonable contract periods. In this respect, we only require customers to provide us one months written notification should they no longer wish to use our services.

How will I know how much time I have consumed?

Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services uses advanced time tracking software to record all time spent on each customers administration. You will be provided a report of the time spent at the end of each month.

What happens if I go over my contracted monthly hours?

The contracted monthly hours are there to assist us better manage our demand and we provide these hours at a discounted price. Should you exceed your hours, we will notify you and continue providing administration support at the out-of-contract rate.

Who will provide my actual administration support?

Whilst Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services was started by Sandra, it is impossible for her to provide the actual administration support to all the customers by herself. Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services therefore utilises trusted and experienced assistants to provide administration support. Sandra personally selects the assistants based on their experience and customer services attitude. Sandra also monitors the performance of all assistants carefully to ensure that customers receive an exceptional service experience. This includes rigorous time tracking as well as regular customer satisfaction surveys.

How can I be sure that Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services will not share my confidential company information with other parties?

At Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services we take customer confidentiality very seriously. We are up-to-date on the Consumer Protection Act and are carefully watching developments with the Protection of Personal Information Act. As part of our standard contracting with customers, we require that a reciprocal Non-disclosure Agreement be signed between us. We also insist that all our staff sign Non-disclosure Agreements as part of their contract with us.

How can I be sure that my important company data will be safe against accidental loss?

We utilise Dropbox ( to share data between ourselves and our customers. By utilising Dropbox, all customer data is actually saved in three places – On the customers computer, on the Bizserv server, and on the Dropbox server (cloud computing). Should data be accidentally lost or corrupted then it can be easily restored (including previous versions of a file) from the Dropbox server.For added piece of mind, it is useful to know that the customers data is stored on the Dropbox server using industry strength encryption. This means that even if someone did access the data, they would not be able to read it.

Can I become a Bizserv Virtual Assistant and what will I need?

From time to time Bizserv Virtual Assistant Services will be looking for trustworthy, experienced, client-centric virtual assistants to assist us provide a professional service to our customers (Bizservers). If you have the following then drop us your CV for consideration:

    • Experience providing administration support (ideally in corporate).
    • Excellent customer service attitude.
    • Available time during the day that you are prepared to commit to Bizserv.
    • A conducive home office environment with a reliable PC and ADSL.
    • Willingness to record your time in a disciplined manner.
    • Willingness to have your service delivery measured and managed.